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About Brink

Brink’s vision is based on collaboration and making life easier for our customers. As professionals in providing serial, customer-specific solutions in thin sheet material, we look broadly at our profession. We do not just want to engineer and manufacture, but also to think along with our customers about the most durable and circular solutions that would benefit them. Solutions in Metal Engineering is therefore more than just a motto for us, it is our creed.

Industry: Production
Company size: SME
Location: The Netherlands

Standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 26000
Implementation time: 2 months

Moving Brink to an Online Platform

Before moving to Qooling, Brink Industrial had a Microsoft Office-based Management System stored on a server. This setup wasn’t particularly organized and forced the QHSE Manager to be really busy with following up on all kinds of tasks. To solve this, Brink searched for a solution that allowed for easy follow up on tasks and would bring structure to their QHSE system. Brink mainly chose to use Qooling because of the easy-to-use interface and that it can bring all the information into one platform.

Creating structure

All the required documents of Brink are now structured on one single platform. The employees only have access to the documents that are relevant for their roles. This setup creates a very clear overview for employees and prevents them from information overload.

Implementation Process

The implementation process went well, and Qooling provided the required support when needed. During first 2 months, most of the QHSE system was set up. Brink is still continuously improving their QHSE management system together with the team and Qooling.

Qooling Staff

The Qooling team knows what they are talking about, as touched upon above, and there has been plenty of consultation during implementing Qooling. One of the biggest advantages is that the Qooling team has Quality Managers in it. They know what is going on and how to provide the most pragmatic solution.

The employees of Brink needed to get used to the change, but overall, have a good experience with Qooling. That is why Brink would recommend Qooling to any organization.

"If I needed to capture Qooling in one word, it would be: structure"

Ruud Schuiling

Quality Manager

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